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Zoom Sports Knee Pads
Zoom Sports Knee Pads
Zoom Sports Knee Pads
Zoom Sports Knee Pads

Sports Knee Pads

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Features:1. Prevent injuries and exercise safer
2. Paste strap:Sticky and easy to tear
3. Double bundling:Firmly protect the meniscus
Product Size:
S--   Upper width 15cm, Lower width 13cm, length 27.5cm
Recommended leg  circumference 30-35 cm, Suit for weight: 45-60KG

M--  Upper width 16cm, Lower width 14cm, length 27.5cm
Recommended leg  circumference 35-40 cm, Suit for weight: 60-70KG

L--    Upper width 17cm, Lower width 15cm, length 27.5cm
Recommended leg  circumference 40-45 cm, Suit for weight: 70-80KG

XL--   Upper width 18cm, Lower width 16cm, length 27.5cm
Recommended leg  circumference 45-50 cm, Suit for weight: 80-90KG

XXL-- Upper width 19cm, Lower width 17cm, length 27.5cm
Recommended leg  circumference 50-55 cm, Suit for weight: 90-100KG

XXXL-- Upper width 20cm, Lower width 18cm, length 27.5cm
Recommended leg  circumference 55-60 cm, Suit for weight: 100-110KG


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Sports Knee Pads

$11.99 Regular price $35.99


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