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At PomPom, we’re all about the happy all day; the ‘WOW I love this’, the ‘OMG I can’t believe it!’ feeling that only toys can create. We put the extraordinary into everything we do, making award-winning toys so good,PomPom is consistently called out as the most creative company in the industry.

Our best-selling PomPom toys dominate feature products, magic mixies, dig kits, toy guns and some other categories. we have successfully brought smile to more than 10,000 kids around the world, and got their recognition. These tiny little characters have made kids Superhappy all over the world and changed the way they think about playing. Not satisfied to stop at toys, we've also stretched ourselves into creating superduper content, entertainment and making epic worldwide licensing deals. We are committed to being a company that brings joy to everyone!


PomPom Toys Company Values

At PomPom, we truly believe in One company, One culture. Our values are the essence of our identity – our DNA – ‘The PomPom Way’. They are our guiding principles that underpin everything we do – both internally and externally. They are the behaviors and actions that define the way we operate, they help guide our decisions and achieve our vision. It is what makes PomPom… well, PomPom!


We're a Family

    We demonstrate kindness as a part of the PomPom Family – Treating others the way we want to be treated. We’re all about welcoming your wacky, weird and wonderful self at work!

    PomPom pride themselves on taking personal responsibility for their actions and outcomes, always acting ethically, professionally, and with a smile.
    We know there is no ‘I’ in team and are committed to hitting team goals way out of the park.

    We’ve got each other’s backs – we support each other with no politics or personal agendas.


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